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Putaankatu 38
95420 Tornio

+35840 575 8356

VAT-number: FI 21809765


Paaso-knives is a small family business from city of Tornio, Lappland, Finland. Company manufactures knives, jewellery and souvenirs in 3. generation.


Company history

Company historyPaaso-knives history starts from year 1952 when Mr. Tauno Paaso started a family business with his wife Sirkka. Company started producing souvenirs, jewellery and knives which were sold to retailers all over Lapland. Original name was Lapland's souvenir manufacturer Paaso. Company's workshop address has always been Putaankatu 38 in Tornio which is also family's home.

Tauno & Kari Paaso  

Handcraft skills from father to son

Tauno Paaso started his handicraft career in young age working in different companies which manufactured handmade products. He worker in Rovaniemi and later in Haparanda and Tornio until founding his own company. Paaso's only son Kari was born in 1955 and grew up watching his parents work. Kari started to work for his parents fulltime in young age of 17. Company continued with three person till year 2008 when Tauno and Sirkka left the company to their son Kari. At that time the company's name was also changed to Paaso-knives (Paaso-Puukot in Finnish). Today company runs officially in one man's business but Kari's daughter and son-in-law has been given more and more responsibility in different areas of business hoping that handicraft tradition would proceed through generations.

Beautiful but practical tool

Tauno and Kari has always been passioned hunters and fishers. Decades of outdoor experience has brought to Paasos a strong understanding of how to make practical and durable knives. Paaso-knives' spirit comes from clean nature of Lapland and every knive is a unique piece of Lapland wilderness.