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Product info

Product information


Paaso-Knives' blades are produced of high quality carbon steel. Carbon steel is a great blade in hunting knives because of its qualities as easily sharpening blade without needing any professional equipment. In our Fishing-knives we use high quality stainless chrome steel.

Carbon steel qualities:
Carbon percentage: 0,80%
Hardening furnace: 820░C
Discharge heat 225░C (2 hour)
Steel hardness after discharge 59 HRC


Paaso-Knives’ handles are produced of beautiful Finnish materials from our clean nature. Curly birch, hardwood and antler bone of moose and reindeer are a common material in our products. Blades are always fully riveted through handle which makes the knife one solid tool for even hardest use.


Our sheaths are top quality Finnish leather with beautiful pictures of Lapland and its nature.